Sermon Discussion Questions 

Week 8 - “Dress the Part”

Text : Colossians 3:1-17

  1. What are some jobs or activities you need a particular outfit for?

  2. What does it mean that we have new life in Christ? How is this represented in Baptism?

  3. How does the metaphor of a job help us understand this passage in Colossians? What are we supposed to ‘look like?’

  4. What are the things that we put off? What do you need to put to death?

  5. What are things we put on? Which one of these do you need to focus on?

  6. How do we put these things on? What’s one that you can lean into this week?

    1. Being shaped by the word.

    2. Growing with gratitude

    3. Doing everything for Jesus.

Week 7 - “Stayin’ Alive”

Text: Colossians 2:16-23

  1. Describe a time when you’ve heard or said the phrase “don’t judge me!”? When do you usually hear or use that phrase? What does it normally mean?

  2. What does Paul mean in this context when he says “let no one pass judgement on you?”

  3. What are ways that we choose ‘death after life?’

  4. If everything belongs to God, how does that change our daily lives? Our hobbies, habits, relationships etc.

  5. In what ways do we encounter false spirituality in our lives and cultures?

  6. What form of false spirituality are you most tempted toward (angel worship, false visions, false humility, false intelligence)?

  7. Take some time to work out the steps of growth:

    1. Figure out your default setting - where are you right now in your faith?

    2. Don’t sign up for too much too quickly - what is a reasonable next step?

    3. Do it with someone else - who can you take along with you?

    4. Don’t be afraid to fail - you will mess up! Repent and keep going!