Who We Are

Citizens is a community of students learning to live for Jesus.

Citizens is more than a “group” – it’s a movement. It’s students and staff, coming together to embrace community, welcome accountability, and strive toward maturity.

Whenever we get together as a community we read the Bible, God’s message to us to about life, the world, and Jesus. When we come together we can’t help but get excited and so we sing, passionately declaring truth and thanking God for what he has done. We give, responding to God’s generosity by being generous with our money, and we serve, using our god-given talents and abilities to build one another up.

This is a place where we connect, welcoming others and forming godly friendships. When we fall down, we confess and when we have conflict we come together and we reconcile, knowing that when Jesus saved us he brought us together as a family, no matter how imperfect we may be.

This is who we are. WE ARE Citizens.