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- Facility will be used for lawful purposes and all laws, rules, and regulations of all governmental authorities will be followed while on site - Facility will be used for purposes that are in agreement with the mission, vision and values of NGC. - No smoking in the building. - The use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on NGC property. - No nails in the walls. Use only non-residue tape (example: painters tape). - Children 17 and younger must be supervised at all times. - Church-appointed staff must run any AVL equipment in the Main Auditorium. Special permission/training may be given for AVL use in gymnasium or classrooms. - Kitchen must be left just as it was found. Equipment may be used but no consumable products may be used. Kitchen should not be left unattended if equipment is turned on. - Take all leftover food off-premise. - Leave facility in original or better condition than found. - Leave Parking Lot in original or better condition than found. If the Parking Lot in left in an unacceptable condition, renters agree to pay a $100 cleaning fee. In submitting this rental request, I understand and will comply with the rules and regulations as stated above. I understand that Northwest Gospel Church "Church" has first right to the use of the facility. If my event is approved and a Church event needs to be rescheduled for any reason which causes a conflict with the event or rooms outlined herein, this request will either be amended as appropriate or canceled.