Incoming 9th Graders


Incoming freshman are already off to a great start because they're already a part of the wider Citizens community with the addition of now being a part of the Sunday Morning high school class; The Academy. Citizens students know that we're a community of students who are learning to live for Jesus. However, for students who may be joining Citizens for the first time, here's what's upcoming:



The Academy (starts June 30th)
This is our high school student specific class where students will grapple with theology and ask the tough questions about their faith and life as a Christian. 


Citizens Youth
Every Wednesday @ 7pm for Middle & High School Students

Grad Night: June 12th
As we honor our high school graduates, we’ll also welcome and pray for our incoming freshmen.

Citizens Summer BBQ: June 19th
We're going to kick the summer off right with our annual BBQ.


Summer Events 

Citizens Camp: July 26th - 29th
Our annual Citizens Summer Camp. Registration coming soon! 

Be sure to visit the Citizens Page and subscribe to the calendar and see all upcoming events!