IT Troubleshooting Docs

Why are we doing this?

As our team works together, building leaders and caring for the people of NGC, we need to take advantage of every system that will allow us to work faster and more efficiently. We won’t make exceptions when it comes to how we use and relate to our computers and devices.

So, we have created these IT Troubleshooting Docs. These will be available to address the most common tech issues that come out of normal use.

To minimize these issues please follow these steps:

  • Restart your computer regularly (every day if possible).

  • Do not download unnecessary content/apps onto your work computer/devices. Games, movies, etc.

  • Archive old files. Free up storage space. Use hard drives or Google Drive as much as possible.

  • Troubleshoot problems…

Wi-Fi Problems

Printer Issues

Software/App Installing/Uninstalling